Products and Services

Pre-Construction and Design

  • Reinforced Concrete Building Design
  • Steel Building Design
  • Prefabricated Building Design
  • Wooden Building Design
  • Winter Garden Design
  • Greenhouse Design
  • Building Landscaping


  • Metering (Quantities)
  • Approximate Cost
  • Percentage
  • Work Program
  • Interim Certificate Payments

Project Operation and Management

  • Whole constructing and constructing process of the construction
  • Maintenance follow-up after the building totally completed / started to be used

Renovation, Maintenance-Repair

  • Painting residences or existing commercial buildings
  • Thermal sheating (jacketing)
  • Interior design and renovation
  • Bathroom-kitchen design
  • Water and thermal insulation of roof, foundation, basement
  • Changing the room volume with light wall inside the building
  • Suspended Stretch Ceiling construction
  • Wallpaper TV unit
  • PVC Aluminum Joinery
  • Floor coverings, ceramic parquet etc.
  • Foundation Drainage
  • Garden Iron Gate
  • Garden Wall